Some may call it a spray wax, some may call it a quick detail, but whatever you called them, it is essential. Using a Quick Detail spray is probably the fastest, easiest way of improving your car visually. The spray elevate shine tremendously while making wiping away dirt, dust and smudges an effortless task. Detail sprays are meant to top off your wax or paint sealant, not a replacement. You apply a detail spray as a way to extend the life of your protectant. I uses my quick detail every time I washes my car.

There are many types of Quick Detail spray. Here are some of them;

  1. Anti static – This kind of spray will help reduce the static charges on the paint; therefore, the dust particle will not easily stick to the paint
  2.  Wax – This kind of spray has wax infused into them. It is best suited to use after each car wash.
  3. Cleaning – This kind of spray is best suited to clean the car that is not too dirty. It loosen up the dirt and the user can use microfiber towel to safely clean the car without having to go through the whole wash process.

Note: Although Quick Detail spray may be beneficial, it can also damage your clear coat. The users must always remember that rough dirt will scratch the paint even if the users is wiping them off with Quick Detail.

This link will take you Autogeek, who is one of the biggest supplier for professional detailers

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