Nothing ruins the car interior moe than crack up leather upholstery. After years of abuse, all cars leather interior will show sign of wear. The bulk of wear on leather surfaces comes from the abrasive quality of built-up dirt, but cowhide also loses essential oils and UV protectants over time that need to be replaced. Ignore leather care and the surface finish will dull and cracks will begin to show. Very much like paint exterior, leather interior also needs rejuvenation.

Part I: Cleaning

  1. Vacuums the seats with a standard vacuums cleaner.
  2. Remove the dirt and grime from the leather surface. Use damp clean microfiber clothes and gently clean the leather interior.
  3. Use dry clean microfiber clothes to wipe the interior dry.

Part II: Conditioning

  1. Choose a water based, pH neutral conditioner. Look for a high-quality leather conditioner that does not contain petroleum distillates, silicone, or waxes.The goal of the conditioner is to replenish the natural oils in the leather, so choose one with top-quality ingredients. Cheaper leather conditioners may cling to the leather and have a greasy finish.
  2. Conditioning – Apply conditioner to an applicator pad and gently rub it on the leather interior. repeat the step twice in order to maximize the absorption.
  3. Use dry clean microfiber clothes to dry if the interior is too wet.
  4. Park the car under the shade until the leather upholstery absorb all of the conditioner.

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