The answer is yes. This is a common question asked among new cars owners. To simply explain, all car has a layer of clear coat on its paint; wax will put protective coats on top of that. The more coats you have the better it protects the paint from sun damage; think of wax as a sunscreen lotion for cars. Car wax also creates a slippery surface as well, which helps keep dirt from sticking to the surface.

There is no definite answer to how often one should wax the car. However, one should wax his/her car at least thrice a year. Most wax will stay on the cars for months if applied correctly. For those cars that are expose to harsher environment (regularly park near the ocean etc.), wax should be applied more regularly.


  1. Make sure the car is clean before waxing the car. Ideally, one should wash the car before waxing; dirts/contaminants will scratch the clear coat on the paint while wax is being applied.
  2. Make sure you have the proper items. These items include, a bucket, water, wash mitt, microfiber towel, microfiber applicator pad and a non-abrasive, high quality auto wax.
  3. Make sure to start the project when the car is cool.
  4. Wax in the shade. This is to prevent the wax from drying too quickly.
  5. Try not to apply wax too heavily. As best as one may try, there will be some left over contaminants on the clear coat surface. Applying wax lightly reduces light scratches on the surface.

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